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Ronald D. Cave, Ph.D.

Professor of Entomology
Department of Entomology and Nematology

Expertise: Invasive Arthropods, Biological Control, Parasitoid Biology
Contact Information: 2199 South Rock Road
Fort Pierce, Florida 34945-3138
(772) 468-3922 ext. 145
Appointment: 70% Research, 30% Teaching
Education: Ph.D., 1987, Entomology, Auburn University

M.S., 1977, Entomology, University of California-Berkeley

B.S., 1975, Entomology, University of California-Davis
Details: Ron Cave joined the IRREC Faculty in 2002. He teaches two classes: Principles of Entomology, and Fundamentals of Pest Management. Dr. Cave's research focuses on the biological control of invasive arthropods, particularly the cycad aulacaspis scale and the Mexican bromeliad weevil. Dr. Cave's international experience includes work in Honduras, Paraguay, and El Salvador.
Selected Publications: Cave, R.D., P.S. Duetting, O.R. Creel & C.L. Branch. 2006. Biology of Metamasius mosieri (Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae), with a description of the larval and pupal stages. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 99: 1146-1153.

Smith, T.R. & R.D. Cave. 2006. Pesticide susceptibility of Cybocephalus nipponicus and Rhyzobius lophanthae (Coleoptera: Cybocephalidae, Coccinellidae). Florida Entomologist 89: 502-507.

Smith, T.R. & R.D. Cave. 2006. Life history of Cybocephalus nipponicus Endrödy-Younga (Coleoptera: Cybocephalidae), a predator of Aulacaspis yasumatsui Takagi (Homoptera: Diaspididae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 108: 905-916.

Suazo, A., D. Pú Pacheco, R.D. Cave & J.H. Frank. 2006. Longevity and fecundity of Metamasius quadrilineatus (Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae) females on a natural bromeliad host in the laboratory. Coleopterists Bulletin 60: 264-270.

Wood, D.M. & R.D. Cave. 2006. Description of a new genus and species of weevil parasitoid from Honduras (Diptera: Tachinidae). Florida Entomologist 89: 239-244.

Smith, T.R. & R.D. Cave. 2006. The Cybocephalidae (Coleoptera) of America north of Mexico. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 99: 776-792.

Suazo, A. N. Arismendi, J. H. Frank & R. D. Cave. 2006. Method for continuously rearing Lixadmontia franki (Diptera: Tachinidae), a potential biological control agent of Metamasius callizona (Coleoptera: Dryophthoridae). Florida Entomologist 89: 348-353.

Smith, T.R., R.D. Cave & G.S. Hodges. 2006. A new North American record for Haliaspis nakaharai (Homoptera: Diaspididae). Florida Entomologist 89: 414-415.

Ratcliffe, B.C. & R.D. Cave. 2006. The Dynastine Scarab Beetles of Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Bulletin of the University of Nebraska State Museum, Vol. 21, Lincoln, NE.

Mozoruk, J.J., L.E. Hunnicutt, R.D. Cave, W.B. Hunter & M.G. Bausher. 2006. Profiling transcriptional changes in Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck challenged by herbivory from the xylem-feeding leafhopper Homalodisca coagulata (Say) by macroarray analysis. Plant Science 170: 1068-1080.

Hunnicutt, L.E., W.B. Hunter, R.D. Cave, C.A. Powell & J.J. Mozoruk. 2006. Genome sequence and molecular characterization of Homalodisca coagulata virus-1, a novel virus discovered in the glassy-winged sharpshooter (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae). Virology 350: 67-78.

Frank, J. H. & R. D. Cave. 2005. Metamasius callizona is destroying Florida's native bromeliads. 1: 91-101 In Hoddle, M. (ed.) Second International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods, September 2005, Davos, Switzerland. USDA Forest Service, Morgantown, WV, as FHTET-2005-08.

Cave, R.D. 2005. Trigonopeltastes delta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) larva developing in a bromeliad terrarium. Coleopterists Bulletin 59: 527-528.

Turnbow, R.H., Jr., R.D. Cave & M.C. Thomas. 2003. A list of the Cerambycidae of Honduras, with additions of previously unrecorded species. Ceiba 44: 1-43.

Cave, R.D., J.H. Frank, B.C. Larson & M. Owen. 2003. Exploration for parasitoids of bromeliad weevils in Mesoamerica. Journal of the Bromeliad Society 53: 243-249, 261-265.

Turnbow, R.H., R.D. Cave & J.M. Kingsolver. 2003. An annotated checklist of the Bruchidae of Honduras. Ceiba 44: 269-278.

Ratcliffe, B.C. & R.D. Cave. 2002. New species of Cyclocephala from Honduras and El Salvador (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Cyclocephalini). Coleopterists Bulletin 56: 152-157.

Cave, R.D. 2001. Jewel scarabs. National Geographic Magazine 199(2): 52-61.

Cave, R.D., R.J. Cordero. & G.A. Pena. 2001. La Vida Fascinante y Exitosa de los Insectos. Zamorano Academic Press, El Zamorano, Honduras.

Cave, R.D. 2000. Biology, ecology and use in pest management of Telenomus remus Nixon. Biocontrol News and Information 21: 21N-26N.

Alvarez del Hierro, D.R. & R.D. Cave. 1999. Ecologia de Metamasius quadrilineatus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) y Admontia sp. (Diptera: Tachinidae) en tres bosques montanos de Honduras. Ceiba 40: 43-49.

Williams, T., D. Goulson, P. Caballero, J. Cisneros, A.M. Martinez, J.W. Chapman, D.X. Roman & R.D. Cave. 1999. Evaluation of a baculovirus bioinsecticide for small-scale maize growers in Latin America. Biological Control 14: 67-75.

Cave, R.D. 1997. Admontia sp., a potential biological control agent of Metamasius callizona in Florida. Journal of the Bromeliad Society 47: 244-249.

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