Dr. H. Baris Tecimen

Visiting Scientist: Research Scholar

Dr. H. Baris Tecimen is an Associate Professor visiting UF/IFAS IRREC from Istanbul University's School of Forestry. A professor at Istanbul University since 1998, he has served as a research scientist, and as a member of the teaching faculty for the the university's Soil Science and Ecology Department. 

Dr. Tecimen earned both a MSci and a PhD at Istanbul University, Faculty of Forestry, Soil Science and Ecology Department. Although he is a scientist of forestry, Dr. Tecimen's work has focused on the interface of agriculture with soils. 

A specific focus for Dr. Tecimen's work has been with forest ecosystems in temperate region, where deciduous and semi-drought tolerated conifer forests in a Mediterranean climate. His research topics have included forest ecosystems, mountainous lands, variation of some soil properties along physiographical gradients, forest floor, soil nitrogen cycle and soil biogeochemistry. Further studies involved greenhouse gas release from earthworm infected soils and detection of soil organism population by PLFA (phospholipid fatty acid) contents in GC-MS, at the University of Vermont, and at the Technical University of Munich, respectively.

Dr. Tecimen's research plan at the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center, or IRREC, is to determine findings on soil quality, effects on greenhouse gas emission releases and land use sustainability under the treatments of pH adjustments and microbial agent inoculations. This work is supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, or TUBITAK.






Visiting Scientist, Research Scholar

Dr. H. Baris Tecimen is a soil and ecology scientist