Dr. Ronald D. Cave

Professor of Entomology and IRREC Director 

Teaching: Entomology

Dr. Cave's teaching program emphasizes the development and delivery of stimulating and informative courses to students (undergraduate and graduate) and, the supervision of graduate students in their research, coursework, and professional development.

Dr. Cave instructs the following courses: Fundamentals of Plant-Pest Management (IPM 3022), Tropical Entomology (ENY 3563/5566), Tropical Entomology Field Lab (ENY 3564/5564), and Biological Control (ENY 5241).

His graduate training involves giving guidance to masters and doctorate students in the methods for preparing a research project, developing a research proposal, performing proper research methods and data analysis, and delivering oral and written presentations of research results and conclusions.

Professor and IRREC Director--Entomology

Dr. Cave's graduate students earn master's and doctorate degrees in Entomology.