Dr. Brian Boman

Extension: Agricultural Engineering

Dr. Brian Boman's extension work is related to his research findings with Biofuels, and irrigations systems in Florida, the nation, and throughout the world. His work with agricultural leaders in the world's most prominent production regions, and in developing nations, are related to smart irrigations systems as they relate to crop production. Dr. Boman's international involvement is extensive as he is involved with research and extension work in Haiti, China, Africa, Russia and throughout Europe.

Dr. Boman works in Haiti for the USAID, where he has implemented an extensive and highly successful hoop house greenhouse program for the island nation's sustainability. Innovative irrigation structure he designed was also utilized to provide the first clean water to a mountainside village and schoolhouse. He continues his work in Haiti, where the island nation is now facing matters related to climate warming, as well as with the additional countries he assists with cutting-edge water irrigations systems.

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Dr. Brian Boman
Dr. Boman conducts research with biofuels candidate crops