2019 Citrus Show

2019 Florida Citrus Show Presentations

Below and continuing in the right column are pdf versions and two movies of presentations made at the 2019 Florida Citrus Show. Each category listed on the table matches the agenda on the left side of this page. Presenters' names and topics appear on the left column. Click on files in the right column to view the full presentations.

Download 2019 Florida Citrus Show Agenda Program

Root Health Session and Soil Amendments  
"Where are we with citrus root biology research?," by Dr. Lorenzo Rossi, UF/IFAS IRREC
"HLB and Structural Roots," By Evan Johnson, UF/IFAS CREC
"Irrigation and Root Health in HLB-affected Citrus," by Dr. Davie Kam Irrigation and Root Health in HLB-affected Citrus
"Can beneficial microbes improve root health and performance of citrus trees in an HLB-endemic environment?," by Dr. Ute Albrecht, UF/IFAS SWFREC  

"Digging into the interactions of soil amendments, soil, microbes, and citrus growth," by Dr. Sarah Strauss, UF/IFAS SWFREC

Pest and Disease Session  

"Integration of Entomopathogenic Fungi for Management of Citrus," by Dr. Pasco Avery, UF/IFAS IRREC

Integration of Entomopathogenic Fungi for Citrus Pests

"An Attract-and-Kill Device for Asian Citrus Psyllids," by Dr. Justin George, USDA-ARS

"Advances in Supression of the Asian Citrus Psyllid Vector and Bacteria (Huanglonging Pathosystem)," by Dr. Wayne Hunter, USDA-ARS, and Dr. Kirsten Pelz-Stelinski, UF/IFAS CREC  
"Managing HLB Transmission and Plant Growth with Particle Films," by Dr. Christopher Vincent, UF/IFAS CREC Management of citrus establishment with white and red-dyed kaolin
"Canker Management and Lingering Effects of Hurricane Irma," by Dr. Megan Dewdney, UF/IFAS CREC  
"DPI and the Florida Citrus Industry -- A History of Partnership," by Dr. Trevor Smith, SPRO, and Dr. Greg Hodges, Assistant Director, and Ben Rossen, Bureau of Citrus Budwood Registration  DPI and the Florida Citrus Industry -- A History of Partnership  

New Citrus Varieties are presented at the Florida Citrus Show annually