Dr. Charles A. Powell

Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology/Virology

Dr. Charles Powell is an Emeritus Professor at the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center. Retiring in 2016, Dr. Powell maintains a presence at IRREC with his research interests. Upon his retirement, he had served as a research professor, and as an associate director.

Dr. Chuck Powell joined the IRREC Faculty in 1989. In addition to his role as co-administrator, he served and continues to serve in a research capacity, in the area of plant pathology and virology. His work involves research on virus diseases of citrus and vegetables in Florida.

Current research is focused on control of HLB, or citrus greening. Recent research has involved work with efficacy and infertility of Madeira mealybug on plants prepared for shipping.

Professor, Plant Pathology/Virology

Dr. Charles A. Powell conducts research for plant pathology and serves as the center's associate director