Muhhammad Irfan Sohail

Visiting Scientist 

Muhammad Irfan Sohail joined IRREC as a Visiting Scientist in June, 2107. In 2018, he will complete a PhD in Soil Science. Mr. Sohail is working in the IRREC Soil and Water Science Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Zhenli He. In the IRREC laboratory his work involves nutrient transformations in wetlands. His 6-month appointment is sponsored by the International Research Support Initiative Program with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

A Pakistan national, Mr. Sohail completed two honors degrees at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. Now in his fourth year as a doctoral candidate, Mr. Sohail’s topic of study for his doctoral dissertation is, “Comparative effectiveness of silicon sources for safe food production from Cd contaminated soils.” 

While a PhD student, Mr. Sohail has served the University of Agriculture Faisalabad as a research associate, for two years. He instructed soil and environmental courses at the Institute of Soil and Environmental Sciences, at the University of Faisalabad. He also was an Assistant Research Officer for the Soil Salinity Research Institute in Pindi Bhattian, and served as an intern for the Office of Chief Engineer of Irrigation Faisalabad.

In addition to his professional science degrees, Mr. Sohail is certified in GIS for Agriculture Monitoring, which he achieved with the PMAS Arid Agriculture University in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. He participated in a “Wheat Sowing Campaign” for the Department of Agriculture Government of Punjab, also in Faisalabad. Mr. Sohail has published a book chapter and is working towards two additional chapters. Two articles related to soil sciences have been submitted and accepted for publication in professional science journals.

Mr. Sohail’s work has been recognized as a “Best Poster Presentation,” at the International Conference on Soil Sustainability for Food Security in 2015. He was also presented with a laptop for merit, by the Prime Minister and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.  


Visiting Scientist

Dr. Zhenli He and Muhammad Irfan Sohail, carrying out field work in a wetland