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  • Postharvest Decay Control Recommendations for Florida Citrus Fruit
    Decay of citrus fruit is caused by fungi which grow and develop under hot and wet conditions typical of the Florida climate
  • Green Mold
    Green mold is caused by the fungus Penicillium digitatum which is ubiquitous to all citrus growing regions
  • Blue Mold
    Blue mold is caused by the fungus Penicillium italicum, and is a much minor decay in Florida than green mold
  • Brown Rot
    Brown rot is caused by two species of Phytophthora, P. citrophthora and P. parasitica
  • Phomopsis Stem-End Rot
    Phomopsis stem-end rot is caused by the fungus Phomopsis citri, and is a decay that becomes more prevalent after the degreening season, when it occurs approximately 10-20 days after harvest
  • Chilling Injury of Grapefruit and its Control
    "Chilling injury (CI) is a physiological disorder that is occasionally reported on fresh citrus shipments from Florida. It is most often characterized by areas of the peel that collapse and darken to form pits"
  • Stem-End Rind Breakdown of Citrus Fruit
    "SERB symptoms involve the collapse of rind tissue around the stem end of citrus fruit. The affected area is irregular in shape and becomes dark and sunken"
  • Blossom-End Clearing of Grapefruit
    "Blossom-end clearing (BEC) is characterized by the translucent, water-soaked appearance of the fruit peel (most commonly at the blossom end) caused by internal bruising and juice leakage from juice vesicles"
  • Disease Control for Florida Snap Beans
    Snap beans are an important vegetable crop in Florida. They are produced in all regions of the state except the east central areas
  • Diseases of Avocado in Florida
    In the subtropical environment, where this crop is grown, diseases, especially those incited by plant-parasitic fungi, commonly cause important reductions in yield and quality of avocado fruit
  • Downy Mildew of Lettuce
    Downy mildew is a serious disease of lettuce that occurs worldwide
  • Phytophthora
  • Sclerotinia Diseases of Vegetable and Field Crops in Florida
    The fungus, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, causes a profusion of Sclerotinia diseases on more than 360 different host plant species
  • Some Common Diseases of Mango in Florida
    The mango tree is a tree fruit well-known and widely consumed throughout the tropical world, but is grown commercially in mainland USA only in southern Florida.

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