UF/IFAS Aquaculture Program

University of Florida/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility

Fort Pierce, Forida 

The mission of the IRREC Aquaculture Program is to conduct research relevant to the aquaculture industry in Florida and the southeastern United States as well as to interpret the results and to provide information to current and potential aquaculture producers.

Additionally, education of students, graduate students, and post-docs is a crucial part of the mission. The IRREC Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility and the associated programs are led by Dr. Cortney Ohs. Dr. Ohs is a faculty member at Indian River Research and Education Center and in the School of Forest Resources and Conservation Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. The original 26.5 acre site and its four 0.25 acre lined ponds and retention pond served as a shrimp demonstration project and were designed by individuals who are recognized on the site history page of this website. Dr. Ohs greatly expanded the site to include a new greenhouse, a new hatchery building, and a large water treatment system. Dr. Ohs leads the research and extension programs to identify aquatic organisms with aquaculture potential, to conduct research to define how to commercially produce them, and to improve production methods of organisms currently cultured by increasing efficiency and profit potential.

Specifically, the research objectives fall into four categories

  1. Defining culture methods for various marine ornamental fish species including broodstock reproduction and defining optimal culture parameters and feeding regimes for all stages of development to produce market sized fish;
  2. Evaluating the aquaculture potential of various species of marine fish demanded for bait;
  3. Evaluating the production of marine copepods and other live feeds for larval marine fish; and,
  4. Evaluating broodstock nutrition and reproduction of multiple marine and freshwater fishes.

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