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Program Areas

Soil and Water Science

Soil and water science is vital for environmental protection

Citrus Horticulture

Serving growers in the world's renowned citrus production region

Plant Pathology

Providing crop protection research for the region's agricultural crops

Entomology Biological Control

Invasive insects are controlled with natural enemies


Aquaculture program for local industry

Postharvest Technology

Postharvest technology research is conducted in the Postharvest Facility


Question and Answer with Patricia Prade, PhD.

1. What excites you most about your work? Many of Florida’s citizens have lots of concerns and have a hard time trying to control

Patricia Prade, PhD, an expert in biological control of Florida’s most serious invasive plant

FORT PIERCE, Fla. --- In Patricia Prade’s native Brazil, Brazilian peppertree is a natural tree that fruits red peppercorns. But, in

UF/IFAS Millennium Block citrus grove drive through event

Curbside grocery pick-ups and high school drive-through graduations are the new normal, and so too are University of Florida citrus

Local UF professor garners third professorship award

Zhenli He, Ph.D., received a 2020 University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship Award, a term that will continue through 2023.