Program Areas

Soil and Water Science

Soil and water science is vital for environmental protection

Citrus Horticulture

Serving growers in the world's renowned citrus production region

Plant Pathology

Providing crop protection research for the region's agricultural crops

Entomology Biological Control

Invasive insects are controlled with natural enemies


Aquaculture program for local industry

Postharvest Technology

Postharvest technology research is conducted in the Postharvest Facility


Root Experts to Instruct 5-Day Root Biology Summer Course in Orlando

Climate change, soil degradation and biotic and abiotic stresses on crop roots present unprecedented challenges to agriculture and the

Sustainability Leader Works to Improve Community Through Education

The 21st century ushered in the sustainability era as scientists reported the effects of climate change with greater emphasis and as sea

Cuifeng Hu Recognized with Superior Accomplishment Award

A fruit quality laboratory manager who tests citrus varieties was able to collect a record-number of new fruit varieties despite a

Air Potato Beetles Bring Down Invasive Air Potato Vine Statewide

AIR POTATO BEETLES AT WORK Bernadette Stange leaned backward like a palm tree yielding to wind, balancing herself on the forest floor