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UF/IFAS IRREC Aquaculture Program

UF/IFAS IRREC Aquaculture Program

Facilities Overview

The IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project is a 26.5-acre site located near Fort Pierce, Florida 

Facilities include the following: 

    • A 7,200 square-foot Hatchery Building 
    • Four grow-out ponds for maturing marine species
    • A retention pond that hold rainwater 
    • A greenhouse to protect young marine species

IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project Facilities

F‌ollowing are images and information about the facilities at the UF/IFAS IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project.

  • Facility
    • Located on Picos Road in Fort Pierce 
    • 26.5 acres 
    • 4 grow-out ponds 
    • Retension pond
    • 7,200 square-foot Hatchery Building
    • Greenhouse
    • Water Treatment 
    • Generators 
  • AerialView
    • Early image of site in 2005
    • Shrimp was first commodity for research 
  • Facility
    • Faces Picos Road to the east 
    • Serves statewide aquacultural interests 


In addition to the following tanks, there are three identical recirculating aquaculture systems consisting of eight 110 gallon fiberglass tanks. Each system is equipped with a bead filter, protein skimmer, and ultraviolet sterilizer. 


Marine species are protected inside the greenhouse structure.

Hatchery Building

Houses a number of tanks, a larval nursery and algae room 

Water Treatment

Water from the Atlantic Ocean is transported to the site and treated for use throughout the project