Extension leadership for the IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project

Gold Trevally fish are reared at the IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project for displays at SeaWorld 

Dr. Cortney Ohs’ extension program provides leadership in aquaculture production of fish and crustaceans, both marine and freshwater, and various related fields. This program has developed as a logical extension of my research program and professional experience. Deliverables for my program include the development and delivery of educational materials and presentations. Additionally, Dr. Ohs facilitates the transfer of current research results and issues to stakeholders, including current and potential aquaculture producers, extension and sea grant agents, county and city administrators and staff, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The aquaculture products Dr. Ohs deals directly with include food and baitfish, food and bait shrimp, aquaculture production systems including ponds, cages, and recirculating aquaculture systems, live feeds for larval fish and crustaceans, and algae production. The program comprises two focus areas. Focus one is to disseminate new opportunities for producers to diversify and improve their economic efficiency. Focus two is to develop and implement an aquaculture curriculum in middle and high schools.

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Program Focus Area 1:

Expanding Knowledge about Aquaculture and New Opportunities and Technologies Available to Current and Potential Producers

Program Focus Area 2:

Development and Implementation of an Aquaculture Curriculum in Middle and High Schools, or Teach Aquaculture 

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