Aquaculture Extension Program Focus Area #2

Development and Implementation of an Aquaculture Curriculum in Middle and High Schools


In 2007-2008, 18 middle and high schools in Florida offered formal aquaculture programs certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Aquaculture. The teachers who led the programs did not have a curriculum which efficiently met the required Florida Sunshine State Standards. Additionally, there was great interest in many schools to develop an aquaculture program. Still, their principal or districts could not allow them to do so without having a curriculum to implement. To meet the educational need, Dr. Cortney Ohs led a team to develop an aquaculture curriculum that met the required Sunshine State Standards. Then we recruited and educated teachers about aquaculture and how to implement the curriculum into their classrooms. This project was funded by the Florida Aquaculture Review Council 2008-2009. Program Objectives:

    • 1. Develop a curriculum on aquaculture and the aquatic sciences for middle and high schools in Florida, which meets Sunshine State Standards

    • 2. Recruit teachers to implement the curriculum and teach them about aquaculture and how to implement the curriculum in their classrooms

    • 3. Increase the number of middle and high schools in Florida that have an aquaculture program and teachers who use aquaculture activities in their classrooms

    • 4. Inform the next generation about aquaculture by providing their teachers with a curriculum

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