Dr. Cortney Ohs

Professor, Aquaculture

Research Focus

Dr. Ohs' research focuses on marine baitfish production, copepod production, reproduction of marine finfish, and nutrition of fish and crustacean species from larval to adult stages of development. He also has research interests in fish and crustacean physiology, endocrinology, larval nutrition, food science, and marketing.

Teaching Focus

Dr. Ohs instructs both undergraduate and gradute level courses in aquaculture to students throughout the world.

Extension Focus

In addition, Dr. Ohs leads local, statewide, natioanl, and international extension programs for aquaculture, and in particular, a program called "Teach Aquaculture." The program is an online website portal at which elementary, middle school and high school teachers may access and download curriculum for student aquaculture educational programs. Through his research programs, Dr. Ohs leads the aquaculture discipline that benefits both public and private aquaculture interests to supply nutritional food supplies, and to reduce overfishing in the oceans.

Access the "Teach Aquaculture" platform by this link. 

Dr. Cortney Ohs, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences -- Aquaculture

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