UF/IFAS Research: Aquaculture

Butterfly fish eggs 

Aquaculture is the husbandry of an aquatic organism in a controlled environment. The aquaculture industry in Florida has been dominated for decades by the production of freshwater ornamental fishes. The purpose of my research program is to diversify aquaculture production by developing culture methods for new aquatic organisms and determining their potential for commercial production. IRREC Aquaculture research is focused in three separate areas:

Research Focuses: 

Marine Baitfish Culture

Larval Culture Using Live Feeds

Fish Diets to Spawn Brood Fish

Marine Baitfish culture involves production of fish used as bait for Florida’s sportfishing industry. Larval culture using live feeds involves copepods and utilizing them as a first feed for larval marine fish. The development of fish diets and methods to condition and spawn brood fish is important for commercial aquaculture operations. Each of these areas increases the potential for culture of new species by defining methods to alleviate critical bottlenecks which have prevented successful culture and commercialization.

Fish Species Studied at the UF/IFAS-IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Facility

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