Research: Marine Baitfish Culture

Bull Minnows 



Research for Marine Baitfish Culture defines culture methods to close the life cycle of several fish species commonly used as bait. Florida's $6.6 billion saltwater sportfishing industry is important to the economy.  Currently, almost all marine baitfish are harvested from the wild. The supply is seasonal, and for most of the year the demanded species and/or sizes of baitfish are not available. Aquaculture baitfish producers do not need special marketing efforts because established retail markets exist in every coastal county throughout the state. And, marine baitfish are in high demand.

Research at the IRREC Aquaculture Laboratory for marine baitfish has defined culture methods of three new species. The IRREC lab was the first to close the lifecycle of two species. Continued research will refine culture methods of these species and define methods for year round and low salinity production.

One attractive attribute of some marine fish is their ability to survive and grow in low saline waters. Because the marine species is able to live in this environment, the circumstances facilitate marine aquaculture to occur in inland low saline waters. The result of the situation is that high-valued marine organisms can be cultured away from expensive and developed coastal property.

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Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:26:44 EDT