Research: Reproduction and Culture of Ornamental Fishes

Mono Sebae

Objectives: To define culture methods, including broodstock development, spawning, egg hatching, larval culture, and growout to market size. All of the following species of fishes were successfully cultured in the Ohs UF/IFAS-IRREC Aquaculture Laboratory for the first time ever: 

To access images and more information about the abovementioned species, click this link.  

A third research aim at the IRREC Aquaculture Demonstration Project is to evaluate brood nutrition of two commercially important freshwater ornamental fish:

  • Redtail Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor), and
  • Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae).

Research for the two species is funded with a USDA grant and is part of a larger regional project to investigate broodstock nutrition of fish. For most species of fish, there is minimal information on broodstock nutrition. It is known that brood fish require additional nutrition during egg and sperm development. However, the effects different levels of fatty acids have on ornamental fish reproduction are unknown. Researchers at the IRREC facility formulated diets to measure the effects of altering the fatty acid composition of brood diets.


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