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The IRREC Aquaculture Research and Demonstration Facility in Fort Pierce



The new hatchery is a 7,200 square foot insulated metal building. Inside this building are a laboratory, office, larval culture room, an algae culture room, a live feeds area, and numerous culture tanks and systems of various sizes.

Aquaria Hatchery
Additionally, there are 96 aquaria (10 gallon) arranged on racks to form 17 separate systems equipped with sumps and are capable of re-circulating or flow-through water. Additionally, there are twelve 900 gallon rectangular tanks; each is equipped with a separate biofilter.

Larval Systems
The 570 square foot larval culture room is equipped with temperature and light control and contains three separate larval culture systems. All three systems are equipped to recirculate or flow-through water.

Walk in Cooler
The hatchery also contains a 375 square foot insulated walk-in cooler which is a sterile temperature controlled algae culture room with multiple sizes of carboys and bags for culture of microalgae.

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