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Citrus Maturity and Packinghouse Procedures

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Section Fruits
Title Fruit Structure and Composition (1.04MB pdf)
  Structure, Composition
Title Commercial Varieties of Citrus (677KB)
  Oranges, Grapefruit, Specialty Fruit, Acid Citrus Fruit
Title Commercial Rootstocks (490KB pdf)
  Rough Lemon Group, Sour Orange Group
Title Fruit Characteristics, Part I (5.98MB pdf), Part II (5.37MB pdf)
  Seasonal Changes, Edibility, Fruit Characteristics, Consumer Factors
Title Preharvest Modifiers of Fruit Quality, Part I (3.80MB pdf), Part II (5.37MB pdf)
  Geographical Influences, Cultural Practices, Variation of Individual Fruit on Tree
Section Postharvest Procedures
Title Postharvest Procedures (471KB pdf)
Title Resperation--Humidity--Degreening--Refrigeration, Part I (3.12MB pdf), Part II (4.10MB pdf), Part III (2.30MB pdf)
  Respiration, Humidity, Degreening, Refrigeration
Title Postharvest Disorders and Their Controls (3.50MB pdf)
  Pathological Disorders, Physiological Disorders, Insects, Controls for Postharvest Disorders, Legal Aspects and Screening Tests
Title Harvesting--Methods of Handling (2.05MB pdf)
  Harvesting, Methods of Handling
Title Packinghouse Procedures (5.15MB pdf)
  Pre-Packinghouse Operations, Basic Principles for Packinglines, Packingline Operations, Post-Packingline Operations, Miscellaneous Procedures
Title Future Trends in Packinghouse Handling (1.97MB pdf)
  Packout, Inventory-to-Inventory Packing, Consumer Packaging of Citrus Fruits
Section Legal Factors
Title Legal Factors, Part I (2.56MB pdf), Part II (2.33MB pdf), Part III (4.22MB pdf), Part IV (4.08MB pdf)
  Fresh Fruit Maturity, Fresh Fruit Grade Inspection, Processed Fruit
Section Appendix
Title Graphs from Seasonal Changes Bulletin, Part I (3.30MB pdf), Part II (3.44MB pdf), Part III (3.00MB pdf), Part IV (1.60MB pdf)
Title Maturity Standards for Florida Citrus (421KB pdf)