About Teach Aquaculture

The purpose of this website is to provide teachers' curriculum modules on aquaculture and aquatic sciences. These modules have been written at a 9th grade level but are highly adaptable to grades K-12. The modules are activity based and each contains specific directions to multiple low cost and easy to implement activities. Teachers can download these curriculum modules at no cost.  Each activity lists the Florida Sunshine State Standards and Student Performance Standards which are covered by each module. 

These modules are designed to engage students in aquaculture and the aquatic sciences by providing activities, supporting materials, powerpoint presentations, and assessments. There is information and activities related to all the sciences, mathematics, reading, and marketing which you may be able to incorporate into existing lessons in any related course. Please look at the content of these modules and find activities and information which can be incorporated into your classes.

Teach Aquaculture modules were developed by a team from Florida consisting of curriculum development experts, aquatic science professors, aquaculture specialists, sea grant extension agents, and graduate students. These modules have been critically reviewed by a group of middle and high school teachers in Florida.  

Thank you for visiting this website and we hope we can provide you find useful information to incorporate into your classes.

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