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Teach Aquaculture

Teach Aquaculture

Module 5 - Water Quality

Some activities in this module are available in two forms. The left column lists the activity name, the right column links to the pdf form of the file, and some link to the EDIS version of the file. The pdf format is the original version published in 2009. This version has been edited extensively and is now available via the University of Florida Electronic Data Information System (EDIS). The EDIS version is the most complete and up-to-date version available. Activities without a link to the EDIS version will be available in this format soon.

1. How DO Changes with Salinity
2. The Process of Nitrification in Aquaria
3. What is in that water: Bacteria and UV light
4. Chlorine: Friend or Foe
1. Principles of Water Quality
Coming Soon
2. Filtration and Equipment

Filtration Equipment Part II

Filtration and Equipment Part III

Workers installing liners in the pond.

1. Nitrite in Fish Ponds (SRAC)
2. Ammonia in Fish Ponds (SRAC)
3. Interactions of pH, Carbon Dioxide, Alkalinity and Hardness in Fish Ponds (SRAC)
4. Carbon Dioxide in Fish Ponds (SRAC)
5. Measuring Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Aquaculture (SRAC)


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