IRREC Entomology Program

Classic Biological Control

Part of the IRREC campus, the Norman C. Hayslip Biological Control Research and Containment Laboratory was named for the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center's first director, Norman C. Hayslip. Scientists at Norman C. Hayslip BCRCL introduce and evaluate natural enemies of invasive insects and plants under highly secure laboratory conditions to obtain information required to make informed decisions regarding their release into Florida’s environments.

New Horticulture Entomologist

Dr. Jawwad A Qureshi joined IRREC in June, 2016. He had previously served as an UF Research Associate Professor at the UF/IFAS Southwest Florida Research and Education Center working primarily on citrus pest management. Named Entomologist of the Year in 2012 by the Florida Entomological Society, Dr. Qureshi is one of only a few entomologists who have expertise in integrated pest management focused specifically on citrus. The ‘tap sampling method’ that he developed has become an inexpensive and invaluable tool for growers, consultants and researchers all requiring a rapid monitoring and estimation of Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) to assist them in making pest management decisions in the groves.

Entomology at IRREC

Dr. Bill Overholt searches congon grass in Indonesia for its natural enemies. Because congon grass is invasive in Florida, its natural enemies are needed for biological control of this grass species.