Extension Program Area Heading Name

Water Quality and Biofuels Production

Crops for biofuels production are promising alternative crops growers may produce. Dr. Brian Boman is leading research to test eTubers and sweet potatoes as candidate crops for biofuels.


Aquaculture is a viable agricultural endeavor for producers in central Florida's yearlong production region.

Entomology and Weed Science

Dr. Bill Overholt leads weed science extension program from research findings at the Norman C. Hayslip Biological Control Research and Containment Laboratory. His work involves the introduction and evaluation of natural enemies of invasive plants under highly secure laboratory conditions to obtain information required to make informed decisions regarding their release into Florida’s environments.

Postharvest Technology

Dr. Ritenour specializes in training of optimum postharvest handling practices of fresh fruits and vegetables (primarily citrus). He works to improve pre- and postharvest practices to maximize fresh fruit quality and provides information to help maximize product arrival quality and ways to overcome potential market barriers, both domestic and international.