Dr. Mark Ritenour

Extension: Horticultural Science/Postharvest Technology

Dr. Ritenour specializes in training of optimum postharvest handling practices of fresh fruits and vegetables (primarily citrus). He works to improve pre- and postharvest practices to maximize fresh fruit quality and provides information to help maximize product arrival quality and ways to overcome potential market barriers, both domestic and international.

As part of his statewide leadership, Dr. Ritenour coordinates the annual Packinghouse Day, and other training events. He is also active in developing and providing grower/packer/shipper training in food hygiene practices that assure consumers safe fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Ritenour created and maintains the UF Postharvest Resources Website (http://irrec.ifas.ufl.edu/postharvest/) on which users may find a regularly updated listing of citrus maximum residue limits for domestic and important export markets. Other website-specific resources include links to key domestic and international websites that provide much of the source data.

Associate Professor--Horticultural Science

Dr. Mark Ritenour conducts postharvest research
Dr. Ritenour works with local packing houses and fruit and vegetable distributors to ensure the freshness of their crops