Dr. Zhenli He

Research: Soil and Water Science

The goal of Dr. Zhenli He's research program is to obtain effective and economically sound solutions to preserving, maintaining, or restoring soil and water quality, and to evaluate environmentally sensitive means of using nutrients in plant production systems.

His team conducts research in collaboration with growers, fertilizer industry representatives and scientists in different disciplines, within and outside University of Florida.

Dr. He's research thrust areas are: 1) biogeochemical processes of nutrients and contaminants in soils; 2) remediation of contaminated soil and water resources; and 3) development of best management practices for sustainable agriculture.

Some of Dr. He's recent research projects include: The development of smart nanoparticle-delivery systems for pesticides and fertilizers; phytoremediation to remove excessive nitrogens; phosphorus in eutrophic stormwaters; development of slow release fertilizers for sandy soils; soil amendment to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, and heavy metals in surface runoff. Other topics include evaluation of soil quality properties for crop production in tropical and subtropical regions; contribution of agricultural surface runoff to Escherichia; Coli Populations receiving; surface waters.

An additional area of research focus is with correlations among rainfall events, nutrients; and phytoplankton composition in Ten Mile Creek and the St. Lucie River Estuary.

Professor of Soil and Water Science

Dr. Zhenli He at work in a research field
Dr. Zhenli He instructs courses online in topics such as agroecology.