Dr. Carey Minteer

Assistant Professor of Entomology

Dr. Minteer’s extension program involves methods to manage invasive plant species with classical biological control and integrated pest management to support land owners and land managers in Florida. In collaboration with UF/IFAS Cooperative Extension, The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry, and the USDA-ARS Invasive Plant Research Laboratory, Dr. Minteer is working to disseminate biological control agents for the control of the invasive vine, air potato.

Another facet of Dr. Minteer’s extension program is with community outreach, and educating the public about the discipline of biological control. In her own words, she said, “Sharing the message of the safety and effectiveness of biological control with the public is important to me. It is important that the public understands what an amazing tool classical biological control is for protecting the environment from the impacts of invasive plant species.”


Assistant Professor--Entomology

Dr. Minteer examines invasive species in the field