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Indian River Research and Education Center

Indian River Research and Education Center

Establishment Impact Images Gallery

This page features images and information about the Brazilian Peppertree Biological Control Program at the UF/IFAS-IRREC Norman C. Hayslip Biological Control Research and Containment Laboratory.

images showing Brazilian pepper tree before and after being affected by thrips

A Brazilian Peppertree Before and After Brazilian Pepper Thrips

  • Brazilian pepper thrips are the natural enemies of the tree in its native South America. 

A Brazilian Peppertree After It Was Exposed to Brazilian Pepper Thrips

Brazilian Pepper Stem and Leaf Damage

Brazilian Peppertree Stem Damage in the Field Where Thrips are Now Established

Stem and Leaf Damage to Seedling

Two Sapling Brazilian Peppertrees Exhibit Damage from Thrips

Stem Tip Damage

Leaf, Stem, and Branch Damage

Actual Size of Brazilian Pepper Thrips

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