IRREC Educational Opportunities

Research Site for Graduate Students

The UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center is a site for graduate students to carry out research, as part of their master’s degree or doctoral work. Prospective students enroll with the University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in Gainesville. Much of both a master’s degree or doctoral program may be completed online. Students who work with IRREC professors make a request for the local professor to be part of their graduate committee. To review IRREC's current graduate students, visit this link.

Internships for High School and State College Students

A wide variety of master’s degrees offered through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences are available completely online for students in the extended Treasure Coast area. Many courses for doctoral degrees may also be accomplished online. Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees who have a research area compatible with faculty at IRREC may conduct their research at the Center under the direct supervision of IRREC faculty.

In addition, students may serve an internship or pursue volunteer service at IRREC. Those seeking internship and volunteer opportunities are encouraged to contact directly, the professor who works in their area of interest to discuss arrangements. See the IRREC personnel page for descriptions of the research efforts of local UF faculty.

Graduate student opportunities at UF Indian River Research and Education Center

Angie Nino-Beltran earned a Master of Science degree in Entomology; she is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Entomology, studying under Dr. Ronald Cave