Dr. Rhuanito "Johnny" Ferrarezi

Ferrarezi Citrus Horticulture Lab Research 

Dr. Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi [70% research], is an Assistant Professor of Citrus Horticulture at the Indian River Research and Education Center (IRREC) at UF-IFAS. His primary research areas are citrus horticulture, precision irrigation, plant nutrition, and cultural practices, including the innovative Citrus Under Protective Screen (CUPS) project to exclude psyllids from young grapefruit plantings. Dr. Ferrarezi works with local producers to improve irrigation management and conduct nutritional enhancement studies in HLB-infected groves. Dr. Ferrarezi leads the IRREC variety trials testing new grapefruit scions and UFR and other rootstocks. He has authored/co-authored +30 refereed articles, +80 conference papers, several technical reports, 5 books, and 5 book chapters.

Current projects

  • Plant density, soil and foliar nutrient application in grapefruit (UF/IFAS CI and USDA-MAC)
  • Fertilization method/rate optimization (CRDF)
  • High-density grapefruit production in open hydroponics system
  • Planting densities, fertilization methods and irrigation systems for sweet orange production in the River
  • Grapefruit scion and UFR and other rootstock variety trials – Millennium Block (CRDF)
  • Grower-driven large-scale grapefruit variety trials (USDA-MAC)
  • Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide (CRDF)
  • Accelerating implementation of HLB tolerant hybrids for fresh and processed citrus (USDA-CDRE)
  • Greening Physiological Management (Dr. Medina)
  • UF/IFAS new tolerant cybrids (Dr. Grosser)
  • Citrus Under Protective Screen (CUPS) and Mini-CUPS for HLB Management (USDA-CDRE)
  • CLas control on Valencia Sweet Oranges using Antimicrobials (USDA-NIFA-GEOW)

Past projects

  • Performance of capacitance sensors to monitor soil moisture and electrical conductivity in sandy soils for precise water and fertilizer management
  • Unraveling the effects of alternative rootstock propagation methods on root architecture and field performance of citrus trees
  • Accelerated production of citrus nursery trees using automated ebb-and-flow subirrigation
  • Grapefruit production using different irrigation systems and plant density under open hydroponics

Dr. Ferrarezi, Assistant Professor of Citrus Horticulture

Dr. Ferrarezi uses a device to measure photosynthesis in the leaves of a young citrus tree