Rhuanito "Johnny" Soranz Ferrarezi

Citrus Horticulture Research 

Having begun his new position with UF in November, Ferrarezi’s research is already in progress at the center’s citrus experiment groves and greenhouses. His plans are to work with local producers to conduct nutritional enhancement studies with fruit groves in which citrus greening is present. The nutritional enhancements will retain plant health and extend grove survival under HLB, he believes. The Citrus Horticulture Lab ongoing projects are:

  • Grapefruit Nutritional Cocktail (Ray Ruby on Kuharske)

  • Grapefruit Citrus Undercover Production Systems (CUPS) (Ray Ruby on Sour and US897) aiming to:

  • Sweet Orange Nutritional Cocktail (Valencia on Kuharske)

  • Grapefruit Open Hydroponics System (OHS) (Ray Ruby on Sour and US897)

  •  Improved irrigation methods on citrus nurseries to retain plant health and extend grove survival under HLB



Dr. Ferrarezi, Assistant Professor of Citrus Horticulture

Dr. Ferrarezi examines a healthy young citrus tree with a photosynthesis meter in the IRREC Citrus Horticulture Laboratory