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Wright Soil and Water Science Laboratory

Wright Soil and Water Science Laboratory

Student Mentoring Overview

International students: visiting scholars are welcome

Dr. Alan Wright's primary teaching activities include advisement and training of graduate and undergraduate students. Although he does not instruct any courses, Dr. Wright mentors students at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Wright supervises students who perform research as part of thesis and dissertation projects. He also assists with literature reviews and project preparation for non-thesis MSc students.

  • Details about Mentoring

    Training students entails instruction for field and laboratory analytical techniques, data analysis, and scientific writing.

    Dr. Wright serves as chair and as a committee member for Ph.D. and MSc students matriculated in Soil and Water Science, Agronomy, and Horticultural Sciences Departments.

    Dr. Wright advised multiple undergraduate visiting scholars from Zamorano University (Honduras), and from EARTH University (Costa Rica). Each of the short-term scholars received training for research projects and community service projects.

  • Educational Opportunities

    Students from both domestic and international universities participate in either visiting scholar programs, or work in the Wright Soil and Water Science Laboratory for a time interval, to gain experience in an active laboratory. Past students represent:

    student in the lab
    Jean-Yves Bérisse - a visiting scholar from EARTH University in Costa Rica - is now pursuing a MSc with the University of Florida, Department of Entomology

    Dr. Alan Wright provides students with opportunities to carry out research; collect data in fields, greenhouses, and in open natural resource areas like the Everglades Agricultural Area and Everglades Wetlands.

student in the lab

Get Involved

To inquire about opportunities as a post-doctorate, graduate student, and visiting scholar, please contact Dr. Alan Wright:

Indian River Research and Education Center
2199 South Rock Road, Room #217
Fort Pierce, FL 34945-3138