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Wright Soil and Water Science Laboratory

Wright Soil and Water Science Laboratory

Bioenergy Crops Overview

The bioenergy project develops a comprehensive assessment of economic viability and environmental sustainability, with the production of advanced sugarcane, energycane, and sorghum in the southeast United States.

The overall goal for bioenergy research is to optimize sustainable biomass supply from sugarcane, energycane, and biomass sorghum over the diverse edaphic and climatic environments in the region.

sorghum growing in the field

bioenergy crops grown in tubes in the lab
Bioenergy crops entail work with commodities that produce large amounts of biomass


  1. Characterize the seasonal dynamics of biomass production of energy crops in multiple edaphic and climatic environments
  2. Quantify the impact of energy crop production on environmental sustainability in agricultural and marginal lands
  3. Develop site-specific best management practices to optimize biomass production, harvest, and storage